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Tuesday, July 19, 2016   /   by Marketing Team

Buying a Home : Cash vs Financing Offer in Real Estate

Most of the time, in making a purchase or investment, it’s always a tough decision to make whether to go for cash or financing. This applies not only in real estate but to other investment opportunity or for some products/services as well.
In this article, we will talk about Cash versus Financing when buying a home. Which one is most prefer to do? Honestly, there are 2 sides of the coin on this, meaning either options have pros and cons.
Let’s try to list down what are the advantages and its downside.
Advantages of paying through “All Cash”

Seller will most likely accept your offer

When you make an “all cash” offer, tendency would be your offer will be accepted and you can close the deal as seller would prefer a cash payment over mortgage hassles. A higher chance of winning bidding wars.

Better deal or offer

Money or having cash to pay would make anyone powerful, Agree? By paying cash, you can make better negotiations and deals. A se ...

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Friday, July 15, 2016   /   by Marketing Team

Credit Score : What You Need to Know and Ways to Fix It!

Most home buyers would choose to pay for a house through loan financing. Thus, it’s important to know what a credit score is and how it can affect your loan application to be approved or granted.
In this article, I’m going to share few tips as well on how to repair or fix your credit score. Let’s start by knowing the definition of credit score first, okay?
According to,
“A credit score is a three digit number calculated from your data-rich credit report and is one factor used by lenders to determine your creditworthiness for a mortgage, loan or credit card. Your score can affect whether or not you are approved as well as what interest rate you are charged. A good credit score is generally considered to be 720 or higher. Lenders, however, can each have different standards for what they consider to be a good credit score, so it‘s important to keep building your score to receive the most favorable interest rates and highest rates of cre ...

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Monday, July 11, 2016   /   by Marketing Team

Tips and Ideas: How to Make Home Improvement

In Real Estate investing, one of your goal is to add more value to gain higher return of investment, in which Home Improvement Ideas & Tips come into play, right?
Here are some of the top home improvement ideas to boost your house value, add curb appeal, and put higher conversion in home selling.
Also some insights from Matt Blashaw, host of DIY Network’s Money Hunters.
Front Yard Makeover

Improving your front yard would add curb appeal to your house value. That landscape and nature gives relaxing view to your prospective buyers or clients.
“Whether it's a nice paver walkway or simply adding some color to your planters, keeping your front yard looking fresh is not only inexpensive, but also adds nice curb appeal. In the case of home improvement, a book is always judged by its cover.” ~ Matt
Create space

Eliminate or free-up space in your home such as island kitchen, allowing more space.
“No one likes a dank, dark living space. Well, some people ...

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Saturday, July 9, 2016   /   by Marketing Team

House Hunt: How to Stay Organized and Focused

It’s normal to get easily overwhelmed when you are doing house hunt especially when it’s your first time to buy a house or your dream home, right? As emotions kicked in, with all the excitement and joy, you need to carefully plan and set priorities before you do a house hunt.

Develop a systematic approach with some of the cool tips that will surely help you stay focused and organized during a house hunt. Above all, avoid complications and stress!

Set Priorities

List down your preference for buying a house such as location, cost, design, and neighborhood. You may also make a list of real estate brokers/agents that you’ll be dealing with when seeking for houses.

It is also important to keep in mind the travel time of the location, is it near to your daily pit stops? How about your work? Or, if you have kids, is it near to their school? And etc.

Check-out the landmarks as well for your convenience.


Create a com ...

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